If only this was true… *sigh*

Haven’t you been bothered with “YOU’RE VISOTOR 100,000,000!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! THERE’S A PRIZE WAITING FOR YOU” spam?

Weren’t you just ignoring it?

Well, I wonder if something like this is actually going while you’re “ignoring” the message:

You’d so jump off the window for missing it 😛

Click here to see the comic

2 thoughts on “If only this was true… *sigh*

  1. *sad face* then i guess i missed out on ALLOT of cars! and i thought they were spam… i guess i’ll have to use google search to find’em all again and click each and everyone of them. i’ll be the richest (will on of the richest) guys in kuwait! see ya suckers! no. 5

  2. lol “no. 5” you still use it? i completely forgot about it!! what a shame, i am the one who created it, i should be the one who remembers!

    btw, i think it should be added to WIKIPEADIA, what do you think? … maybe GEEK would like to add it to his WIKITIONARY!!

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