I offer my daughter for your shoe!!

Things got waaa~aaay over control… To think that someone would think that way…

See the guy above? Someone is offering his daughter to marry the man who threw his shoe at George W. Bush for the same shoe!! (The show thrower is above… Thanks Madao for clearing it out)

He’s even ready to pay for marrage expenses and all… She even wouldn’t mind on such thing!!

For god sake!! What the hell happened to people?

OK I admit I laughed and want that shoe (Maybe to throw it at someone… Make it more valuable :P), but to offer your DAUGHTER for such thing? Thats insane!!!

More curious about the details? Read the REUTERS Oddly Enough article.

6 thoughts on “I offer my daughter for your shoe!!

  1. I would offer my daughter to whoever can build me a “Kakkaw Bunjoom” factory…

    And when that happens, I’ll just say “Oops! I’m not married yet… Sooorrrrrrryyyyy :P” and live in a Kakkaw Bunjoom heaven 😛

  2. Actually, the picture you have here is of the guy who threw the show (called Montathar Al-Zaidi or something), not the guy offering his daughter!

    And damn, this internet slow-down is killing me…

  3. Well thanks for pointing it out… But it doesn’t change the fact that there’s someone offering his daughter for the shoe thrower…

  4. well … marry off the daughter … take the shoe … sell it to that saudi who offered 100.000 US$ (i betcha he would pay more!!) and then get the divorce on it’s way … 🙂

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