Head-banging is a No-No for health!!

Good thing I don’t… Well, not that hard 😛

I’m a heavy metal fan… But I’m not as crazy as this (Well, I am more than this amount of craziness… But I invest such craziness in other stuff :P)

Anyways, Head-Banging could cause injuries from whiplashes to strokes (oh noes!)

Some Australian researchers attended a Heavy Metal concert to observe Head-Banging techniques… Here’s what they think:

A typical 146-beat per minute Death-Metal rythme could cause mild head’n’neck injuries…

I think this quote would give a good example:

“In 2005, doctors believed that Terry Balsamo, the guitarist from the band Evanescence, experienced a stroke from head-banging,” it noted.

Alot of stuff to provide (That I kinda can’t figure out how to deliver)… So I’ll just provide the COSMOS MAGAZINE link to read more…

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