I hope this stays as a rumor: Firefox for PS3!?

According to GIZMODO, Sony is considering bringing Firefox to PS3.

Not because I hate Firefox or anything (Read my previous posts if you’re curious… And yes, I’m using Firefox at the moment, forgot to change my default browser >.>), it’s just that Firefox is memory hungry.

I’m quite sure things will be different in PS3’s case, but I hope it doesn’t turn as memory hungry as Windows’\Linux’s Firefox…


6 thoughts on “I hope this stays as a rumor: Firefox for PS3!?

  1. Dude, I think it’s quite true. Check this out –> MAXCONSOLE.COM

    According to them they have a really reliable source claiming that they SONY indeed will add FireFox to the PS3. I know that Firefox is a memory hog but I solved that problem by ticking few things off the web browser script. I’ll make a post on how to make your Firefox run much better than the default install cause I noticed that Firefox uses a lot of random stuff for no apparent reason.

  2. Finally we’re getting rid of that gimped browser. Now I can surf 4chan while playing in peace >_>

  3. your not going to get the whole firefox experience darkwolf >.>
    and yes, its coming.. its going to help out with that gimped out crappy browser that comes pre-loaded with the ps3.

  4. My only hope is if they allow the addon customization to Firefox. That would just be sick. Still, if it’s a lighter version than the original, it’s all good. 🙂

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