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To be honest, I liked the video below:

True that most of our current “common” use of computer is mostly web-based. Which in Google Chrome OS, it enforces the user to go online to use his stuff.

Now I’m sure the ability to use your computer offline (Document publishing at the very least) and store them permanently\temporarily will exist, there would be ALOT of things to consider. It’s true that everyone has internet nowadays (Well, almost everyone), but not even half of’em have fast internet (I’m talking atleast 1Mbps).

In my own opinion, if Google’s approach of this OS is just that, it’d be suitable for Netbooks and public computers with fast internet access (bearing security in mind). I was expecting something much more than this, but simplicity isn’t always bad (neither always good).

It’s open-source and linux-based, and I truly like their concept and approach, but I believe enforcing the user to do their stuff online is bad.

In the end, it’s just my own opinion, What do you think? Leave a comment and share what you have in mind.


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  1. I’m starting to hate google with each news passing by. Cloud computing is the dumbest idea ever. I mean, couldn’t they make a normal Linux distro? This feels tacked on with stupid google apps.

  2. Not really Fencer. The idea is good because it is only targeting Netbooks. Those small dinky laptops. Think about it. As soon as you log on to your comp the first thing you probably click is Firefox or IE right? And you have you have your messenger apps opened and ready to talk. I was thinking the same thing as you at first but then it does make sense IF you only want to use your Netbook for internet purposes. While at the same time you can edit your doc or MS stuff and view PDF. But you cannot do anything else with it.

    The only bad thing I don’t like about this is as Looly mentioned above, Google enforcing the user to store their data online.There are some stuff I would store online in my Gmail account but not everything.

  3. Yeah, but what if there’s no internet? then we’re screwed. besides, I wouldn’t trust Google with my personal files.

  4. hmmm it seems I’m not the only one against “the cloud”..

    here’s my take on things:
    – Relying on the internet for storing all your files is dumb.
    – Relying on the internet for anything other then communication and data transfer is dumb.
    – if cloud computing becomes main stream, I’m still going to use real hardware with a real OS that stores my data locally and does all my stuff ON MY PC without sending it to complete strangers that may or may not be online.. assuming that there is an internet connection in the first place.

    I MEAN HOW @#%ing STUPPED!

    And just to give you an idea on how far i’m willing to go, I’ve set up my own svn repos at hope, just to make sure my data is accessible even if the whole internet went down.
    enjoy “the cloud” while it’s there.

  5. @ Sigtermer & Fencer – Sig, you brought fine points on internet reliability whilst saving your data on the internet is dangerous. Honestly the only thing that I store up on my Gmail account is my CV/Resume or just my university documents when I need it. But corporate spreadsheet or power point presentation I don’t as Fencer brought another interesting point regarding Google’s privacy. Does Google actually have the right to over see your uploaded privacy files on their server?

  6. The “Cloud” (The way I understand it) is literally this:
    You upload your software (Server in most cases) somewhere in the internet and you leave hardware and internet maintenance for another company. It saves money and time when we’re talking about servers and complicated stuff.

    That being said, the cloud isn’t a good option for personal approach because its such a hustle to upload your data and redownload them over and over again (A flash thumb drive would do a better job).

    The “Cloud” is an interesting useful concept, but not for personal use…

  7. “Cloud computing is the dumbest idea ever.” — Fencer +9999999 & Sig +1 especially the idea that you need internet to use it!

    Let’s put the the cloud aside. They way you use it is completely dumb! All apps are treated like google chrome tabs(maybe all their apps are browser-based)! What if someone wants to program on it?!!(yeah i do that, netbooks are not used only for internet browsing). In my pinion, making chrome OS like this is a big mistake! I can’t believe i was thinking of trying it!! Google FAILED in this one!

    Hey google i have a peace of advice, drop the project or re-make the OS from the beginning (try to use your brainZ this time!!)!

  8. @ DarkWolf80s — The guy that wrote that article is an idiot, and knows nothing about Linux. Someone needs to tell him that 90% of the internet is running on Linux servers.

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