Head Transplant!?

I couldn’t help but write this post after reading it. I realized if I delayed it to (I’ll bookmark it for home), I’ll end up not doing it.

Anyway, explained in easy English:
Dr. Canavero referred to an experiment done by neurosurgeon Robert Joseph back in 1970 which involves transplanting a monkey brain to another monkey body and ended up having a paralyzed monkey that died after few days. The reason behind it was lack of technology.

Now, Canavero believes that it is possible to do that with current technology (He’s going to perform it in two years) by cooling the brain to 12C ~ 15C for around 45 minutes (Since the brain can only survive an hour with no oxygen), cut the spinal cord with “ultra-sharp blade” then reconnecting the head to the new body.

He say it’d cost ~$12.6 million and it’d be only used for those with muscular dystrophies for example. He also addressed his fear of black-market brain transplant.

If you ask me, that’s Ghost in the shell, right there!


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