Global Game Jam 2017 is a go!


Alright, everyone. It’s this time of the year where we get our game dev hype hyped and ready to be molested with a fun weekend!

So, if you’re a programmer, artist, game designer, storyteller, musician, and you’d like to try getting involved in making video games, I can’t find a better opportunity than this!

You don’t have to be a professional. It doesn’t matter if you’re a photoshop master or a mspaint master. It doesn’t matter if you’re Joe Satriani or an Audacity clip trimmer. You’ll be surprised of what you can produce with little skills in a team.

So grab your gears, cook your hype, and register here!

You can find more details on the event by clicking this link.

Special thanks to Sirdab Lab for their generosity for allowing Global Game Jam 2017 to happen in their vicinity (Unlike one particular ministry)

2 thoughts on “Global Game Jam 2017 is a go!

  1. You should do a postmortem on these events for those of us who are interested but can’t attend, or were about 25 days late for the announcement.

    Also, set up TLS for your site. It’s 2017, and major web browsers will start labeling insecure sites as such. (google already does it for sites with password fields or will start doing it very, very soon)

    cpanel should have a plugin to set it up automatically, and if your running off a vps or lower, it’s even easier.

    1. I have some footage that needs to be edited and stuff. I just returned from a vacation, so I’ll get back on it very soon.

      I’m ashamed of the TLS and stuff, yes… I’ll get back on that too.

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