2 days late for my blog’s 9 years birthday!

Dear 2017,

Even though I’m few days late writing this letter, I figured it’s better late than never.

You’re different from 2016. Not good different, not bad different, just, different.

Because of her difference, I had less energy in general, but more energy in specifics. She made me realize my weaknesses and admit to them, but you made me realize my strengths and focus on them.

Your older sister was a bit abusive. She’d throw something in my dish thinking “Maybe he’d choke now” and I end up biting and ask for more, which, btw, I have a serious belly now!

I don’t want to talk too much about 2016, I had personal issues with her. But nontheless, she made me stronger, wiser, more selective and in the end of my days with her, a bit more selective.

Dear 2017, seeing how nice your older brother 2015 treated me, and how different and kind of abusive your older sister 2016 was, I’m a bit scared of what you’d bring to my life. And there’s only one thing to do with what scares me; face it. I hope I have the courage to face the serious big decisions I’ll have to make throughout my life with you.


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