Ga6u Athwal: v2.0.4

The game is becoming more complex to fix or add anything without breaking many other things. As bad as it sounds, its not. I mean, yes, I end up spending hours fixing tiny stuff. But these tiny stuff have direct result on game performance. As much as it frustrates me to re-write so many things so frequently, I’m learning and adjusting. So it’s all for good cause.

So here’s whats different from the previous release:

  1. Added Pause button (Can you believe that!? I finally did it!)
  2. Instead of having the cat saying “wee3” and fly off when it gets hungry (Red energy bar), the game go on slow motion gradually as if the cat’s battery is running out. Neat, right?
  3. Performance and bug squishing.
  4. Added some sound effects.

I’ve disabled achievements and leaderboard because, well, the game isn’t fully out yet. So until then, it’ll be disabled for the time being.

Things I’ll add in the near future (Or next beta release):

  1. News and messages: Where I’ll just post messages in the game and you can read about them, or not.
  2. Proper menu. Come on, white? Really? This is Ga6u Athwal, not Apple Store.

Things I’ll add in the far future (After publishing the game):

  1. Difficulties. I received complaints about the game being either too easy or too hard.
  2. Mutations. I’m still too busy to make mutations (They’ll be a really tough challenge for me).
  3. I don’t know… Really, I’ll have to drink redbull coffee to come up with new stuff…


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