Free SMS’s for Zain customers, Web2SMS!

Yesterday, Firas1886 told us that Zain, the mobile service provider, are offering an online service called Web2SMS! It gives the ability to send free SMS’s online! However, you can only send these free SMS’s to your contacts who have a Zain phone number! … still is promising!

All you have to do is signing up for an account at, that requires:

  • Your zain phone number
  • Your civil ID (for verification)
  • The presence of your phone at the moment (for getting a passcode to complete your registration)

Once you’re done, log in! Now, to goto the online services page, you should click on “Online Services”. But because they got a sucky web design/CSS, some of you might face some difficulties; not be able to find the “Online services”! It’s there, on that black bar. Just hover over it and it should pop up!

Now once you click on it, look at the side panel on the left and search for “Web2SMS” then click on it! Some fields will appear to insert the data! You’ll get 160 letters for English SMS(> twitter XP) and 70 for Arabic ones! Note that you’ll have to press the ” add to list button” in order to actually be able to send the SMS, cause otherwise, it wont work!

BTW, this is not a new service, it’s just that it’s the first time i hear of it! And since i didn’t know, i bet there are others who don’t as well! So yeah, sharing it the way to go! One last thing, do your family and friends a favor and send the link of this page via web2SMS to your them (of course, only who have a Zain phone number), spam them, share the info! XD

PS: Other mobile service providers might have a similar  service! If you’re not a Zain customer, you should check!

6 thoughts on “Free SMS’s for Zain customers, Web2SMS!

    1. just signed up, and it works as advertised. when did the text disappear? before or after you clicked the submit button?

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