HP Slate 500

For a $799 (!225KD), you get this beautiful monster.

Here’s what it is gutted with:
CPU: 1.86GHz Intel Atom Z540 processor
Storage: 64GB SSD
Screen: 1024 x600 8.9-inch capacitive touch and an N-Trig stylus
Cameras: VGA Facefront and 3MP camera at the back
OS: Windows 7 Pro (Oh bummer, why not a slimmed down version of mobile Windows 7?)
Ports: Speakers\Mic jacks, USB, SD-card, a docking station port and HDMI port (Broadcom’s Crystal HD accelerator for handling 1080p video)

I’ll wait and see… Who knows, maybe another company would bring up a Windows Phone-a-like version of a tablet…


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