4 thoughts on “Free 1337 Translator

  1. This is some cool stuff dude,
    i’ve been reading your posts and don’t know why i feel you’re a programmer who knows a couple of programming languages (Hacker) maybe i’m right…. 🙂

  2. i’m no hacker… yet =P

    yet i’m not that good of a programmer… i barely know C\C++ which I still suck at pointers

  3. wAllah me too i’m so lazy i admit it i have this best c++ programming book certainly the best for a beginner but i stopped at chapter 5 dude the chapter is called pointers and strings. if u need any help just ask for it. maybe the problem with me is that i dont have friends that love learning like me…

  4. strings are easy dude… so does pointers…

    but my mind is fixed at the Visual Basic 6 way of thinking thats why i’m not progressing much >.>

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