FPS Gaming Vest

I don’t know if you would waste your money over such thing or not… I wouldn’t…

This vest is connected to an air compressor that simulates bullets taken from an FPS game… As in, if you got shot from the back, you’ll feel as someone shot you from the back physically!!!

What I like about it is that it makes you get in the game physically… Or atleast makes you feel how real soldiers would feel when they get shot wearing bullet-proof vests (I’m not quite sure if it would feel the same as the bullet-proof bras 😛 )

What I hate about it is the cost, not being supported by games (maybe a game or two) and seems like a tough job getting fit and comfy inside that vest (Well, that’s what I think seeing the picture… I wonder how soldiers and police officers bear with wearing one of those?)

Anyways… Less talks, More linkage…

Click here to read more at TechRepublic…

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