Fogged up Kuwait 2

I started my car today and didn’t notice the fog until I reached gulf street… Good thing I had my camera along with me 😛

Here’s few pictures that shows how invisible Kuwait Towers could be in today’s fog

As I keep telling everyone “Kuwait’s weather is controlled by a Random Extreme Values Weather Generation  function (REVWG)… And the random number is [4] (Assured by XKCD)…

So if you want to play “Silent Hill” or “Ghost in the Fog” games, it’s the perfect moment… Almost 😛

7 thoughts on “Fogged up Kuwait 2

  1. lol Silent Hill, I went to work and took day off i notice the fog, but i also notice the red sky around 2 am, man i didn’t get much sleep last night ;_;

  2. You know it would be better if we played hide and seek!! Just kidding! I would like to say “7asafa ma 8a3edt il-youm embacher”!

  3. I’m sure for some reason we’d blame Hawaii since Kuwait’s government is REALLY random… And it doesn’t go by the random number “4” 😛

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