Final Fantasy XIII-2? Gluttons for punishment I see.

Final Fantasy XIII has been hailed by many as one of the best games ever made.

If you suffer from brain damage.

In all seriousness though, the two most recent Final fantasy games (13 and 14 respectively) have failed to meet expectations of their many fans, with FF14 being free to play until its actually good, and FF13 pretty much causing untold amounts of animosity towards Square Enix.

So it has come as a shock to a few people that according to Superannuation a certain “Corporation Service Company” has registered the domain name of “”. For those that are have no idea about these things the company has previously registered domains for NierMindjack, and other Square Enix games. This discovery has lead people to believe that this is the work of the diabolical Square Enix.

This could probably be the usual antics of game companies trying to grab domain names just incase the actually do want to use them in the future, however some believe that it might also be evidence of a direct sequel to Final Fantasy XIII in a similar move to Final Fantasy X-2.

Of course, a major difference between Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy XIII, is that Final Fantasy XIII is a “10 year project” with many other related games in the series, with Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII slated to come out sometime in the near future.

Does the world really need another straight corridor simulator? Or will this possible Final Fantasy sequel use innovative left turn technology to bring about the exciting dead end corridor the you need to back track from just to get back to where you originally came from.

Will Square Enix figure out how to succeed in a western market? Will they win over the legions of fans that currently hate them in Japan? Will they finally give into all the hype and make a Final Fantasy VII remake (I hope not)?

We will find out soon enough I guess.

7 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIII-2? Gluttons for punishment I see.

  1. Final Fantasy XIII has been hailed by many as one of the best games ever made.

    my thoughts: oh no.. could I have misjudged the game? did I give up on it too soon? (did a bit of googling to make sure it’s the same game, which it was).
    I should continue playing it again…

    If you suffer from brain damage.

    at least I don’t suffer from brain damage. FFXIII is the first FF game I ever really played, it most likely will be the last.

  2. As an entry in the Final Fantasy series, 13 is by far the worst that has ever been made. 7 8 and 9 were really good ones from the PS1 era, while 10 and 12 are fantastic (12 is the best one in my opinion), and if you go into some of the older ones like 4, 5 and 6 then you start to see that there was a lot of quality involved at the start even if the whole thing is pretty derivative.

  3. Correction, 8 is garbage, while 7 is good and 9 is awesome. 10 has horrible story and characters and 12 has a useless main character. I never played 13

    4 is decent, 5 and 6 are good. Final fantasy games are hit or miss, if you want a good series, play suikoden

  4. Suikoden is great for the first two games, Suikoden 3 is decent, after that the series is very bland.

    Over all I agree with your statement that Final Fantasy games tend to be hit or miss, however I disagree with a few points of yours.

    Very few game series stay good for every iteration, I would say none are consistently good for every single game in a specific series, but many can surprise you.

  5. WTH! why everyone is making FFXIII seem bad its not even the worst FF game (And I played almost all the numbered FF games (some of them were the remakes)) from my own experience FFXIII > FIII> FFII> FFI > FFXII yet no one complained about them before why everyone is complaining about FFXIII now.

  6. @ Kitsune: Suikoden 5 is as good as the first two, but lets face it, there’s no game series perfect.

    Wild Arms has 1, alter Code F good, 3 and 5 as decent.

    Tales Series: hit or miss

    Grandia: 1 and 2 are good. the others suck.

  7. the blog post was all OK until i heard “Will they finally give into all the hype and make a Final Fantasy VII remake (I hope not)?”
    are u kidding me…FFVII is the best of them all to me….I’d love it if they could do the remake..
    btw to me 7,8,9,10 are the best FF games so far
    and im waiting for Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII..
    does anyone know when will they be out ?!

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