Event: Minecraft Lan party!

If you like Minecraft, know someone who likes minecraft, then this is for you!

Lan Party is simply a network available for you to bring your computer and play a specific video game or whichever video game. In our case, its Minecraft!

It’ll be 4 hours long, from 4pm to 8pm, in AlShaheed Park in July 24th.

Details can be found here, or you can click on the “events” tab on top and choose “Minecraft Lan Party”

4 thoughts on “Event: Minecraft Lan party!

  1. A Game dev meetup reminds me of the barcamp meetups we used to have a couple of years back. I wonder what happened to those.

    1. I think lack of interest. It’ll happen soon eventually.

      Say, interested in playing with us? Some of Barcamp attendees will be there as well

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