GX is an event that is focused on Video Games and Video Games Development and other stuff like Cosplaying, Animes, Comics, Video Games Tournaments.

Seeing how beneficial to us last year (Me and my friend Bergin), in fact, GX2014 was much more beneficial to us than Q8CON2014 (That we decided not to participate in Q8CON2015 and maybe forever), we decided to show up in GX2015 and show how we progressed and all.

Considering how fast I’m adapting to Unity3D, I should’ve finished so many games and projects I’ve had in my head since GX2014. But considering how busy I was with work and I got married half way through, I’m comfortable enough with the progress I made so far.

I’ll be demoing:

  • OculusRift-based multiplayer Flight Simulation.
  • Remake of MonochromePainter for OculusRift (And PC with no OculusRift)
  • Live-code the Ministry Simulator
  • A quick Augmented-Reality demo I made to test things out (And near-future implementation for an epic game)
  • If time and luck smiled upon me, Multiplayer Zhewy Simulator (YES! YOU READ THAT RIGHT!)

Oh yeah, at May 7th, 21:00, there will be a discussion with local game developers about the game development scene in Kuwait in general. Luckily, I’ll be there talking. So try to make it because I’ll be speaking my heart out!

Shy readers and new readers, please, for the love of everything good, honor me with your company and pass by for great justice! Try whatever weird games I made.

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