Don’t sink down to my level! I’ll beat you so bad in it! 4

Yep, we’re back with another scenarios :3
I had to dig up some old log files, delete some names because, well, not everyone likes publicity and share them here.
I’d like to note that this series of scenarios are REAL, not fictional. Mostly copy-paste (But sometimes I just fix some words from “wud” to “would”).


Friend: Dherar please, shoot me!
Me: Why? Are you a ball?
Friend: Fine, kill me!
Me: I don’t have your process ID to end your task.


Me: You’re a hypocrate! A crate filled with hippos!

I’m bored

Friend: I’m bored!
Me: Wait, you’re a board?
Friend: No, bored!
Me: You float on water?
Friend: No, I-
Me: You’re made of wood?
Friend: I’m n-
Me: You weight like a duck?
Friend: What in the-
Me: Then you’re A WITCH!!! BURN HERR!! YAARRRGH!!!

If you still didn’t get the joke, check out the video below:


*Me showing Dragos the picture above*
Dragos: ITS A BUNNY!
Me: You’re the bunny!
Dragos: And you’re the carrot. No wait, fml…

Sony a55

Me: Naa going for sony, too late to convert plus, sony a55 has 10fps burst mode… Just imagine, 10 shots per second!
Greg: Hahahaha ok lol damn lol that would be awesome for sports !
Me: Kidding me, I can make fun of you getting bitch slapped by another rugby player 10 times more than usual!!

Good job

Me: I think I did something good yesterday. Have you see my latest shots?
Friend: Yeah they are soo goodd mashallah! Well done!
Me: They’re pictures, not steak!

Late at work

Me: I’m so tired, I finish work by 2. But I got off by 6!
K: Why?
Me: I had to filth my hands with 2 Macbooks Air at work installing Parallel, Windows 7 and Office 2010 for our manager because he’s traveling tomorrow
K: HAHA poor you.
Me: Yea… It’s like getting raped. But this is worst!

Thong ththong thong thoong

Friend: Liar liar your thong is on fire!
Me: But I don’t wear a thong *wink*
*My friend left the coffee shop*

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