Don’t sink down to my level! I’ll beat you so bad in it! 2

Going on with the weird comebacks I’d come up with after remembering few of’em (And being reminded by friends)


*Jawad: ها بقر Hey bagar**
Me: ها حصان Hey horse

*Jawad (جواد) means horse in Arabic
**Bagar is when an Indian man say Cows in Arabic where cows is Bugar (Close to booger بقر)

Two bytes compression

Me: You know, I have a better word, “Most important” is just long.
Colleague: Oh yea? What is it?
Me: “Importantest”; saves two characters… Saves two bytes
*Colleague walks away*

Aim better

And this happens so often

Someone: Hey Dherar, I miss you!
Me: Aim better!
Someone: What?


Brother: فيك النوم*؟ You sleepy?
Me: لا كي دي إي No, KDE
Brother: شنو؟ Wha?
Me: ولا شي Nothing

*النوم is Noom… Which is similar to Gnome 😛


Me: OK, mom. You got the internet
Mom: Now you have to teach me how to use it.
Me: OK, which website do you want to browse?
Mom: Everything
*moment of silence*

He’s your older brother!

Cousin telling my brother: He’s your older brother! When he say something, you say inshallah!
Me: Something!
Brother: Inshallah!
*My cousin stares, facepalms then walks away*


Me: So I rushed out my room wearing the towel around my waist and went “6an 6an 6an!!” with a victory pause. He wanted to go to the bathroom. But after seeing this, he facepalmed and went back to his room.
Friend: I can never see myself living with you without destroying you. I dont know how you’re still alive!
Me: I have alot of coins


Me: I am scared, in the last few days, my head was kicking marriage thoughts. Does that mean I’ve matured?
Dragos: No, it means ur horny
Me: Oh, phew! that scared me!

How old are you!?

Dad in my brother’s car getting out the house while I just drove in.
Me: Hi dad
*Dad sticking his tongue out*
Me: How old are you, doing all these childish stuff!?
*Dad counting with his fingers*
*Dad showing 6 fingers… Then he adds one because he forgot about it*
*Me facepalming*


*Niece is bending over to pick up something.*
*I barely kicked her and she faceplanted on the floor*
Niece: ليش تشوتني؟ Why did you kick me?
Me: لأني خالج Because I’m your uncle!

Now I need to remember more retarded things I do\say … hmmmm…

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  1. Ok i got to know ur site from the whole U vs Anon issue … but tbh am lovin it! ( tara ta ta )!
    * Fabepalms and walks away with a big grin *

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