Counter Strike Knife Fight Gone Wrong

Whenever I play Counter Strike in a cafe or on any Kuwaiti servers there always is at least one knife fight. And every time I am in a knife fight I get really really ticked off. There always is that one kid who screams and throws a tantrum when he gets stabbed.

Well this one dude in France took a knife fight a little too seriously.

Julien Berreaux was knifed in CS and was so pissed off that he wanted to see the other player “wiped out”.
According to the Court Berreaux spent seven whole months plotting his revenge, and after those seven months he still couldn’t kill his rival in a knife fight.

Berreaux found the other player just several miles away, knocked on his door and stabbed. Missing the victims heart by around less than an inch.

According tot he police he was captured less than an hour later and was put in jail for a two year sentence and will undergo therapy.

Now I am known for being a hot head when i play video games, ESPECIALLY Counter Strike, but stabbing a guy in real life. Thats just messed up.


On a lighter note, here is a video of FPS Douge


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