So few days ago, eLeet, Opeth (Yes, he’s mad about’em), Kitsune, Sein, Sein’s cousin and myself, went to some Chocolate Bar where we decided to chill there for a while… Not the quite good place to do so, but hey, chocolate is involved…

Anyway, I turned my laptop on by rubbing it gently where eLeet asking me if I can share my VIVA dongle thingy so we all can have interwebs.

Sure, and I did, but his HTC Hero didn’t pick up my Adhoc while Sein’s mobile picked it up. So I ended up using the interwebz alone for a while then I hibernated my laptop.

The scenario above might be common. And if you remember correctly, Microsoft announced that there would be “Virtual WiFi Hotspot” feature in Windows7.

Which Connectify comes in handy, it’s a Beta software that reveals this unfinished feature for public use. I haven’t tried it yet, though I will soon.

Why don’t you give it a spin?


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