Coffee house hunting: Dunkin’ Donuts

Since I was looking for a good coffee house in Kuwait that suits me, and since 248am inspired me to post about my coffee house adventures, I thought of sharing my experience

Today I tried Dunkin’ Donuts in Salmiya near AL-Fanar. Here’s some detailed infos about it:

*  I like the prices… Due to the fact that prices are up to the roof, things in here are quite the same.
*  Decent-to-Cheap prices… 1KD for 2 donuts and a 414ml coffee… I LOVE IT.

It has 2 floors; the ground one is for non-smokers and to order the stuff, and the top one is for smokers (and mostly for dating and all)

*  I love their donuts.
*  I love their coffee.

*  Quite since not alot of people go there.
*  Their taste music sucks… Well, it just doesn’t suit the place.

*  Most of the people who goes there are Philippines.
*  And some young common teenagers (Marina Mall guys and their likes) goes there by weekends.
*  Which I kinda hate.
*  Opens till 00:30.
*  It has electricity sockets.
*  Provides Zajil WiFi and you can leech from other surrounding WiFi.
*  Decently clean toilets.

*  I’d come to this place every now’n’then.
*  I’d sit here for 30 minutes ~ 6 hours.

I’ll keep on hunting Coffee Houses till I find a good spot that suits me

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