Bandai to help women understand men!?

Seriously… Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Well, according to Engadget, Bandai made this handheld thingy to help women understand men… Costs around $28 (around 8.150KD)…

But really, are men that complicated to need such device to be understood? or is it just a first step to create a “how to understand women” device that could be similar to Alienware (since men are going to use it) 😛

Just for the kicks... Don't take it so bad... It's just a joke 😛

Yet I’m still sure ALOT of girls would buy that thing if it’s sold in Kuwait *Phew* 😛

4 thoughts on “Bandai to help women understand men!?

  1. i don’t think we’re that complicated, to the point where females need to refer to a gemic to understand males, though.
    and yeah, i liked the second picture too 😉

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