AnonKuwait: FASTtelco files exposed… So what?

Well, AnonKuwait have leaked some screenshots of FASTtelco’s website files, a snapshot of some sourcecodes and IP Address ranges of those with VVIP accounts.

This is still insignificant because, well, you can right-click on any page and see HTML of pages (Because ASP works like PHP; server-side compiled\processed), listing files isn’t relevant and just because we have IP Address ranges of VVIP accounts doesn’t necessarily means they’re unlimited. It just means they’re VVIP.

Am I the only one who’s losing interest in AnonKuwait (And felt stupid thinking they’d do big damage)?


6 thoughts on “AnonKuwait: FASTtelco files exposed… So what?

  1. This is getting childish to be honest.

    I just hope he either cause a serious damage or do a big deface!

  2. Thats like an old vulnerability which went public in 2009 with a public exploit released back then, shame on FT for letting such novices deface their website err correction script kiddie, actually which makes it worse (public exploit) script kiddie now thats even at the top of the noob chain. Outsourcing amateur security administrators is just meh. Now the funny thing is why the hell is he even bothering himself and attaching publicly provided information.

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