And ma blag as back =D

Well, I FINALLY got my blog back… Few stuff got deleted in the process, but yes, it’s finally back.

I’m at work now and totally not in the mood to write detailed post about the incident, but I promise that I will soon…

Now I gotta go back and retrieve some missing pieces of the blog.

5 thoughts on “And ma blag as back =D

  1. I thought you said you’re going to ditch palm host! i know “meh”

    but IM HAPPY, REALLY HAPPY, ALL MY POST ARE STILL HERE!!! 🙂 oh yeah and youz! … and sig’s! … and that new guy! 🙂 — lol

    I hope it wont get hacked again. and since it’s back online, i’ll be waiting for you daily 3+ posts 🙂

    GOOD LUCK Q8geek 😉

  2. Anxious Nut:
    I thought I would, but they actually pulled this up. I’m happy now.

    You don’t has them >_>


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