Aaaaaaaaand Slackware 12.2 is out!

For those who knows Linux pretty well, would go insane about this…

We’re not talking about Redhat, Fedora, Ubuntu (As my Operating System Doctor calls it “Kids play”) or Debian… We’re talking about Slackware…

To most of Linux users; Slackware is God-Mode (Reminds me of Unreal Tournament GOTY 😛 )

I remember reading somewhere off the internet that Slackware is THE MOST STABLE LINUX OPERATING SYSTEM (if not the most stable operating system ever)… I could be wrong… But it’s a known fact that Slackware IS a real stable OS…

I’m considering downloading it, trying it in a virtual machine then actually use it if I could actually operate it properly…

Click here to visit Slackware’s website

4 thoughts on “Aaaaaaaaand Slackware 12.2 is out!

  1. it’s all linux man, they’re all the same (one kernel), what makes ubuntu “kids play” is all the utilities that are jammed into it. in the right hands ubuntu can be every bit as powerful as slackware.

    and besides, slackware isn’t god-mod. the only way you can really get TOTAL control over your computer is to hack the kernel itself and thereby compromising the stability of the system. without that, slackware gives you as much control as edubuntu

  2. ROFL, I laughed so hard,…(slackware gives you as much control as edubuntu)!

    but it is true and you’ve got a point there!

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