A week for my blog’s 10th birthday!

Dear Blog,

I guess I owe you a huge apology for being a friggin’ week late for your 10th birthday.

2017, unlike previous years, was a very personal and scary year.

It taught me to say “No” to things I don’t like, which I usually don’t do.
It taught me to speak as transparent as possible.
It taught me to be more emotionally expressive. Although I’m having trouble doing that, but I’m a tad more emotionally expressive than I was back in 2016, for example.
It taught me its alright to make mistakes.
It taught me how not to over react and be more patient and control emotions more. I know that contradicts with what I just said about being more emotionally expressive, but you don’t want me to lose it in traffic, do you?
I faced life-dependent dilemmas, and thankfully, being good to friends lead to having friends help me figuring them out.

Thanks to 2017, 2018 will start with a very scary start; I’m going back to school.

Blog, I’ve been neglecting you in the last few years because, well, you know the chaos in my life; work, technology and stuff going fast, shift of interests, me being slow (For example, driving like an old man), just so many things happening, so many patterns changing.

I’d like to promise to pay more attention to you. But seeing how things are going in the last, lessay, 5 years, I can’t even look at you the way I looked at you in your prime.

You grew up. You grew out of me. That’s not entirely bad, its just that, things change.


Dear Blog,

I genuinely hope that 2018 serves us well and doesn’t become a clustermess.



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