A huge flaw in TCP/IP!!??

A new era of DoS would start…

Some Finnish and German researches discovered a huge flaw in TCP/IP that has been a secret for 3 years, and know they’re planning on sharing it with public so, in case someone else knew how to solve it, he’d jump in and saves the interwebz.

Unlike DoS floods, this flaw needs much less traffic… As little as 10 packets per second… Hell you propably generate much more traffic when you play MMORPG or MMOFPS game than 10 packets per second!!!

Its a big flaw in the TCP/IP protocol, which means everything is vulnerable to such issue. However, each system might handle it in different situation. Like, OSX would have hard time dealing with a scenario while Windows wouldn’t and vise-versa (Maybe another proof that MAC OSX IS vulnerable… Just like any other OS)…

I hope skiddies won’t get their hands on it… More like, I hope I can get my hands on this =P

Here’s the Computerworld related link.

2 thoughts on “A huge flaw in TCP/IP!!??

  1. Think your sites’s gonna get hit? CentOS can be stubborn,
    but if the problem is as fundamental is it sounds…

  2. I don’t think my website is safe from that flow as much as any other computer\server\system…

    if the TCP/IP is critically flawed as mentioned, this means a whole new poopism to the interwebz!! OH NOES >_<

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