6009l3 f0r H4x0r5

Well, while I was anxious and doing some stuff on the Internet (which I don’t remember right now!) I found that Google has made a main page for hackers; not to be hacked!! but it was written in their terms and way of writing! as in (A = 4, B = 8, S = 5, G = 6, … and stuff like that!).

When I first saw it I was like WTF? Why would they ever do such a thing! I mean Google!!! Do they really love hackers that much?!! making a main page for them!! but gotta admit! It was good! I liked it that I found it so Interesting! In fact I’ve put it as my Home page instead of the original one! Some people I know said that this is stupid! especially the way they write things. (I guess that’s because they don’t know how to read such stuff!). I hope you do the same as in putting it as your home page; cause you’ll find it interesting sooner or later! (at least that’s what I think! and FYI, every hacker would think so!)

Oh  ‘/4, 4lm057 f0r907, H3r3’5 7h47 p493: http://www.google.com/intl/xx-hacker/


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