$45,000 lost in an EVE Online scam… AWESOME!!

Hey, I play that game and I love this assholeness!!

To start things, EVE has no responsibility in this and aren’t supposed to take any action; players stupidity and blind trust is to blame xD.

So anyway, to make it short, this guy named “Bad Bobby” climbed up his rank to be trusted to handle his corporate assets. But not enough to sell them or do whatever he pleases until he gets %50 of some sort of votes.

What he did is have other characters he controls (Obviously other accounts), shoved them in that corporation and gave himself %50 of the votes to kick everyone out the corp and own everything then ran away. We’re talking about 850 Billions ISK.

This is why no one should invest more than the account’s subscription in a game. At least thats what I do\believe.

Ironically, this video below describes a similar scenario that can happen and you’d probably be able to pull off. I loved the movie’s assholeness which hit me straight in the head when I read the article I was like “FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU”.


On a side note, is there anyone here who plays EVE Online? I can barely find anyone in Kuwait who does.

3 thoughts on “$45,000 lost in an EVE Online scam… AWESOME!!

  1. Is the money purchasing system part of the game?

    I hate it when a game tried to get u addicted to a game where u can get better if u pay more…
    In wow, you can buy gold, but its an illegal thing, and if you do that u will get banned.
    This maintains balance in the game and makes sure that you will not get better if u have lots of cash, thats why its so popular. the only thing money will do for u is make u cooler bcoz u can buy cosmetic stuff like unique mounts and stuff, but they wont affect ur money and items in game.

    1. It’s a different case in EVE Online.

      Like, they are against spending money other than your subscription, but you can buy redeem codes and sell them in games (PLEX).

      They estimated the amount of ISK loss to how much PLEX codes it equals.

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