LightPeak is coming close to production

Light is peeking close!! Quick, close the curtains!!!

USB 3.0 is coming into production and I’ve seen few USB 3.0 external HDD’s (But can’t find the USB 3.0 interface here… Haven’t looked to be honest) and just when I thought it’s time to invest in it, Light peeks and gets prototypes.

If you remember how awesome Lightpeak was in my old post, you’d probably be excited to know that they’re actually having few prototypes and all.

Western Digital prototyped some HDDs and from what you can see above, that’s some sort of shrinked LightPeak to HDMI converter.

Man, I gotta say, I am a bit more excited about LightPeak than USB 3.0.


One thought on “LightPeak is coming close to production

  1. i dont know if you heard about this or not but they are already using USB 3.0 as a secondary method for hard disks with SATA, i think those things were out for 3 – 6 months now

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