44% of used mobiles has interesting data?

As I mentioned previously in the eBay Auction incident, this follows…

A recent study made by BT, the Edith Cowan University, and the University of Glamorgan (Wales), 44% of second hand mobiles has sensitive data… From bank accounts details to personal messages and phonebook…

Now imagine phone shops actually started to dump phone storage before handing them to 2nd hand customers… What could they possibly do?

They could do weird stuff from stealing people to stalking people… Specially here in Kuwait, phonebook and personal messages are so sensitive that families honor (since its so important in Kuwait) could be at stake…

No need to know the details (Well I don’t want to know the details… The topic explains itself), it just proves my previous notes… And add new note:

Just becareful before you sell your mobile… Erase the hell out of it before doing so…

2 thoughts on “44% of used mobiles has interesting data?

  1. Haha, I’d love to get my hands on some old mobiles, I remember once buying a used one and it had some old video’s left on there, let’s just say, if the girl knew I could see them , she’d want to bury herself alive. It wasn’t something her mother would have like to see. lol
    nnice post ! x

  2. I still got the “En6aleq 6” ringtone from the 2nd-hand mobile I bought… so annoying

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