3 years since my first post.

Truth to be said, I’ve never thought the blog would live for more than a year or two… But apparently, it survived 3 years and still got plenty of life in it.

My first post in this blog was exactly three years ago with the traditional “Hello, World!” title.

Not a lot of people have followed my blog since its start, but it started to grow little by little. And truth to be said, I have grown with it. I’ve learned and experienced many things (And you can probably notice a change curve little by little).

This blog wouldn’t have gone anywhere without the support of so many people from friends to writers to readers.

I’d like to thank god for allowing me to live to this day and giving me this opportunity.
I’d like to thank my ex for bringing me the idea of building up the website.
I’d like to thank my friends for supporting me and kicking ideas in my head.
I’d like to thank my writers for sharing their precious time with the blog and forum (Which is a ghost town, but we’re still wandering there)
I’d like to thank every single reader and viewer.

This blog have taught me alot. And thanks to the opportunity I’ve had off this blog, we both matured.

Words can never be enough to thank you all and whatever I do won’t do either…
Thank you all

5 thoughts on “3 years since my first post.

  1. Ah, yes, 3 years!

    I wasn’t here when you started it, it’s true! However, I think it’s time I should let you know what happened! When SIG first told me about this site, I tried accessing it when I had the chance! Sometimes I got ‘This domain is for sale’ and sometime I got the content; I later knew I sometimes have been entering .com instead of .org! Anyways, I remember the first blogpost I read, I was at my friend’s house; we had no internet connection! It was a blogpost where you had posted a video of Kuwait’s dustiest weather; yes, i remember that! Anyways, after that, I … well, I went all the way to your first blogpost and, … yes, I read them all! I didn’t skip any post! LOL! I still remember commenting on some of your very old posts and I never got replies, like gazillion meanings of GAP! Now that I think of it, you probably knew that since you receive notification emails!

    … Ah, good times!

  2. Been 3 years already? time sure flies fast 🙂 by the way, we haven’t had an Apple/Steve jobs bashing post in a while 😀

  3. Wowsers!! it’s been 3 years already! Seems like only yesterday when this blog started to walk on its HTML feet.

    *Memories of Q8QGEEKS blog running through his playing *

    *Sniff~* makes me feel proud about it.

    @Fencer, wait till mid January for Apple to launch it’s iPad 2G then we can go happy bashing on STEVO. 😛

    @SirGaga, Yes change is good. Now we need to spoil this little growing blog with gifts and hugs. Just like SPORES

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