You spin my car round round round round!

Did you know that if you didn’t use a GPS, stars, map, a lead next to you (Like those in rally races) or just know where you’re going, you’ll end up wandering around Gulf Street in circles? True story!! xD

Anyway, this is a picture I took yesterday next to “Layali Al-Helmiya” in Gulf Street while I was wandering around like an idiot.

You spin my car round round round round

An interesting thing happened while taking that photo is that 2 police cars passed by, looked at when I’m doing and just left. No headache no “Hey, What is this?” scenarios. (UP YOURS KUWAITTIMES AND ALWATAN!! I’LL BE STICKING IT TO YOU AS LONG AS I KEEP CLICKING MY SHUTTER!!)

I didn’t use any rig. I actually used my tripod upside down and wrapped it with my seatbelts and used my camera bag. This idea occurred to me after hearing my friend’s story doing the same thing to his car and I was like “Hey, I’m already bored… Let me try it out!”

This is a test shot. You’ll probably find so many wrong stuff.

Here’s how I set up my tripod while taking the picture:

8 thoughts on “You spin my car round round round round!

  1. wallan enk wa7sh 3al 9ora !! ana agol enter a competition mako wayed nas who take such a crazy shot like that ! amazing 5/5

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