Yesterday’s shots: Red Bull Car Park Drift

I really needed to take my new Sony SLT-a55 for a spin and thought this event is just perfect to see how how 10fps burst mode goes… Didn’t fail my expectations =D

That, and I finally made use of the photography license I got from Ministry of Information and got access to start clicking inside the track (Ofcourse, behind the tires).

Anyway, the event itself wasn’t bad neither extremely good. Yes, there were some insane drifters, but the majority sucked (Either loses control or just speed up without drifting).

Got some 9 good shots (In my defense, it was dusty by then so things were dark and all). And got some videos that I’ll upload by Sunday inshallah (And work on some of’em the videos and upload’em later on… Got some kinky ideas).

So yea, here’s the fail car (I think it was the GulfRun sponsored Nissan 350z… Can’t remember actually Just double checked. Wasn’t GulfRun one):

Lucky I haven’t decided to go to that side xD

Anyway, here’s the serious 9 shots:
Red Bull Car Park Drift 1

Red Bull Car Park Drift 2

Red Bull Car Park Drift 3

Red Bull Car Park Drift 4

Red Bull Car Park Drift 5

Red Bull Car Park Drift 6

Red Bull Car Park Drift 7

Red Bull Car Park Drift 8

Red Bull Car Park Drift 9

12 thoughts on “Yesterday’s shots: Red Bull Car Park Drift

  1. Let’s just say that I got so lucky because a friend of mine works there and got me one.

    It was totally useless until yesterday though xD

  2. Any chance of getting one through the normal channels?

    Is it valid for a long time or is it a one-time deal?

  3. Not sure but considering things, I think it’s useless to ask for one if you don’t know from the ministry.

    I’ll double check just to make sure.

  4. Awesome car… Too bad he’s not that good controlling his car >.>

    Also, thanks =D

    1. The usual 55-200 4-6.3 (or 5.6, can’t remember).

      I wouldn’t suggest going for a65 when a77 is there. He’ll, I’d go for a77!!

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