Yep… Writers wanted

Y’see, the blog haven’t been so healthy lately. Not much interesting content (Not to mention good content at all).

I won’t play the blame game here so I’ll just state some good reasons:
* I am busy in real life. I can’t carry on the whole blog with such content alone.
* Other writers are busy too.
* The contents are growing too.
* Contents themselves aren’t as interesting as before… Or maybe not…
* Not much local visitors since We haven’t been writing anything local.

And I’ve actually included few people that should start writing, but have failed me due to various reasons including laziness, bad memory and probably busy at life (I doubt this point, but whatever).

I’m asking whoever remained reading this blog if there’s anyone interested in giving me a hand and start writing in the blog.

So please, click on the “Writers wanted” image\link and fill in the form so we could discuss things.

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