Yep, more issues with iPhone 4: Signal drops when hand holds the antenna band.

Call me Apple basher, but this is just not good considering Apple claims and what is actually happening (Retina display yellow dot and this!)

Anyway, according to a Gizmodo post, the signal drops when the user touches the outside of the metal bar (Which supposed to be the antenna) from two different positions.

In most cases, the bars would drop. But if you were in a call, it wouldn’t. There’s also a video of showing no problem.

They have atleast 10 videos confirming the issue. Blame it on AT&T or Apple, but this iPhone crazy! Here’s one of the videos:

If you ask me, this isn’t a Quality Control issue, it’s a design issue which I’m interested in seeing how would it be solved.

What made me laugh is a picture posted in Gizmodo’s post comments 😛


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