XKCD’s version of Questionable Content

Questionable Content is one of the comics that I spent 3 working days (8 hours x 3 days = 24 hours) just to read it up all from the beginning.

In any event, I saw this comic strip from QC:

Then I read QC’s twitter feed about XKCD’s version which almost made me wet my pants:

I seriously recommend reading XKCD and Questionable Content. But I warn you, it has some adult content.

3 thoughts on “XKCD’s version of Questionable Content

  1. The one who made the second one is a GENIUS!! LOL!

    I like how he managed to merge the face with the hand!!! And the’AAAA’s, lol

    Hey w8 haven’t i just wrote all the….!!? YUP!

  2. before reading this post I was bored and I was scrolling down and then I saw the changes in the pictures so I thought this was one of ur imaginations (the first picture is the real one and the second one is the one u imagined) but apparently I was wrong.

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