X-men relationship tree.

I’m taking a break from taking a break from not writing a paper and so I did what any student with an internet connection does, and that is to look for random information that is not useful for the task at hand. What I found made me both giggle and cringe at the same time. I present you with the X-men relationship chart!

For those of you that are not into comics, the X-Men are a group of super powered mutants that save the world from evil mutants between bouts of angst and drama. There is a character that is currently dead but comes back from time to time to stir things up (I think this is the fourth time that she’s died) and when she does come back she is so powerful that its literally unfair to anything in the universe. I’m serious!

The relationship chart has shown restraint (read: mercy) by only including the more popular central characters, although there will be a few that you won’t be able to recognize easily without a key. Then again, it’s like the picture says “confused? Read more comics.”

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