Writerspace (Windows \ Microsoft Office)

Does Microsoft Office clippy distract you from writing your awesome report (Which your boss would use against you by the end of the day)?
You think the glowing golden circled button on the top left distracts you?

Well, here’s a good thing for ya: Writerspace

What is it? It’s basically a Microsoft Word plug-in to turn it to a black screen with green text so you focus on nothing on your computer but your document you’re writing.
And the screen looks so epic as if you’re still using the old greenish CRT monitors (Which are kick-ass!)

I personally tried it for, like, 5 seconds (Because I had nothing to write in Microsoft Word) and actually knew how it’ll make me focus because it’s on top and really doesn’t let me focus on anything else. The only bad thing is that you can’t really format your text (Or atleast I couldn’t do it in the 5 seconds of test) though you can format it after you’re done writing for actually better results.

Program page

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