WoW Restaurant!?

Blizzard made the joke in their website, China took it seriously… Remember kids: “INTERWEBZ IS A SERIOUS BUSINESS”

Some restaurant owner decided to make a WoW themed restaurant… Food looks great… No weirdly dressed waiters\waitress (Imagine a kid going inside seeing an ORC welcoming him 😛 )… WoW Drawings… WoW door… Oh noes!!!

I might actually consider going there IF I went to Beijin (ONLY IF)…

Here’s the CCTV video footage covering the place…

If something like this would happen in Kuwait, it would probably be one of the following:
*   Call of Duty (As I call it Juty)
*   Travian
*   Winning Eleven or Pro Evo Soccer thingy (Which we call it “Al-Dawri Al-Yabany 😛 )
*   FIFA
*   Grand Theft Auto
*   Need for Speed
*   Metal Gear Solid
*   Guitar Hero (Though Extremist Islamist will go nuts and chaos some headache)

And the list goes on 😛

Anyways… Here’s the links:
Click here to read the SK-Gaming article
Click here to read the CCTV article

4 thoughts on “WoW Restaurant!?

  1. i read the news before you post it…

    so, they will make restaurant about terrorist and navy? no or make a restaurant about German and Americans? no

    as for the Winning Eleven, ako restaurants for soccer!!

    i prefer Sukoden II restaurant

  2. darkwolf80s:
    this might be old news to you, but it is new news to me 😛

    if you mean Planet Football Cafe, it’s NOTHING like FIFA an Winning Eleven… it’s just a soccer restaurant…

  3. hmmm… I’ve got a better idea… Imagen a restaurant… A whole restaurant as… Na… you know what let me say it… here it comes… a SUDOKU RESTAURANT!!

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