Winne The Pooh – A Fantasy Story or A Bear with Psychological Issues

Here is an interesting story I thought I’d like to share with all my readers.

Two weeks ago I was looking through one of my good friends hard drive video stash for some good flicks to barrow. Browsing through his stuff, I found that he had couple of Winne the Pooh videos. I never really looked into Pooh’s cartoons really closely when I was a kid but reminiscing the fun memories of watching it brought back joyful time and I thought “Why not.” So I grabbed couple of videos and just yesterday I started to watch them. Let me tell you this, I was creeped out!! The only words that came to my mind while watching through cartoon videos was “WTF?!”

Pooh and his friends may look lovable characters that we all dearly love but in all honesty each one felt as if they had some personal mental issues. The adventures that they all create are all misunderstanding and accidental due to their own action in the first place.

Example, Piglet is scared of his own shadow. He runs all over Hundred Acre Woods to warn his friends of some monster is chasing him. Everyone starts to panic and regroup together to solve the mystery. In the end they just head to the place where Piglet last encountered with the monster and only to find out that it was only Piglet’s shadow.

Now apply that small scenario example to each and every single episode or movie of Winne the Pooh that’s out there; because that’s how they create their own little adventures. Not to mention 25 minutes of your time have been wasted too.

I started digging to see if anyone else out there had similar thoughts as I did. Turns out that a lot of people and psychologist researchers think Pooh and his friends are crazy. Here is an amusing quote I picked up from an old feature news article on Pooh’s conditions that they got off from the Canadian Medical Association Journal “A.A Milne’s characters would be better off with psycho-active drugs and more parental guidance.” LMAO!!! XD

Check out the full BBC news clipping here.

It makes me wounder how big was our imagination when we were all kids and how far we would take that role play fantasy event to bringing it to reality.

3 thoughts on “Winne The Pooh – A Fantasy Story or A Bear with Psychological Issues

  1. Lol, they are just looking too deep into the story i guess, I mean come on!

    Thats what happens when you grow up -_-

    1. I’m a huge fan of watching just about any cartoons but I kid you not just watch couple of videos of winnie the pooh and you’ll be shocked as to how they go about starting their adventures. I was just looking at the cartoon without even turning on my brains just watched it for the sheer entertainment while eating breakfast. As the video ended I was just looking at my comp screen like this (O_o) thinking “What the hell?”

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