Windows7 Vault

Well this is a feature I’ve been waiting for…

According to ZDNET post, Windows 7’s Vault is a feature made to store your passwords and credentials. Ofcourse, this was implemented in previous Windows (Probably XP).

But this time, you can back up your credentials and store them somewhere to use them somewhere else (Or probably after you format your computer and stuff)…

To be honest, this is ONE of the main reasons I avoid formatting my computer though I really need to…

Note to Linux and OS SUCKS fanboys:
Please don’t start with the “You don’t need to format on OS SUCKS\LINUX” kind of talks… Keep this talk to yourself…

Click here to read the ZDNET post.

5 thoughts on “Windows7 Vault

  1. i don’t know about you, but to me this looks like a risky place to store passwords.
    nothing is more tempting to a thief than a vault. and trust me, nothing will be more tempting to hackers then windows “vault”. it’s a built-in future that every -well, most- windows users in the world well store there credentials in. if i wanted to hack windows, this “vault” will be my first target!

    it’s a handy future, i admit, but still it’s far too risky. and i wouldn’t use it.

  2. not like the vault will be in plain text… it’ll be encrypted somehow =_=;

  3. John wouldn’t crack every single encryption in this universe now, would it?

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