Windows to offer FREE ANTIVIRUS!?

I think Microsoft is getting more serious in crushing bones…

Microsoft will release something called “Morro” which should replace Windows Live OneCare… Good thing is, its not bundled and you’re not forced to install it…

“Morro” is the codename for Windows’ security suit that would be released in 2009 and by then Windows Live OneCare will be discontinued…

Linux Fanboys: Don’t go “forget about viruses! switch to linux because it doesn’t need that!!!” (I AM REFERRING TO SIGTERMer)… With all respect to Linux, it still has viruses… Or ClamAV wouldn’t exist… So quit bitching…

Mac Fanboys: Don’t go “Microzeft sucks!! full of spywares!! switch to Mac OSX!!!!!”… I prefer porting to a more open system with less limitation OS than porting to a eye-candy and graphic-asskicker-OS-with-less-abilities-in-heavyduty-computing… Then again Mac OSX has malwares and stuff too… And now Microsoft is busting balls and providing free stuff… You go buy your Mac softwares for $273645283E76354234

Click here to read the CNet article.
Click here to read the Microsoft Announcement.

13 thoughts on “Windows to offer FREE ANTIVIRUS!?

  1. i got an idea, ask japanese to make OS 😀

    they good at making video games, i bet they will be even better if they start makning OS!

    p.s. every country should make thier own OS for defense reasosns

  2. “forget about viruses! switch to linux because it doesn’t need that!!!”
    i never said that?!! but you got a point 🙂
    whatever M$ does, linux will always be better.

    1] even if M$ makes a good free antivirus, it will not improve life sense antivirus software already in use and people are still getting infected. unless they intend to drain less money from normal people… which is highly unlikely.
    viruses exploit undiscovered or hard to patch holes.. no matter how good an anitvirus is, it can never fully protect u from new unknown viruses. /*but you already know that*/
    besides, if the antivirus is anything like windows, and it probably is, it wont make any deffrence 😀 LOL

    2] linux has rootkits, i never claimed otherwise. but they are as rare as a pink unicorn ordering mcChicken.

    3] virus-free isn’t the only good thing about linux. i would list them all but they’re too meny.

  3. neoark25:
    Japanese should stick to video games development… And animes’n’mangas… And… HENTAAAI!!!!!

    You mean such action of providing a free antivirus is useless?

    grow up… stop being a linux fanboy and see things from microsoft users side which you used to be one…

    The links are countless y’know

  4. and hardware, and cars, and power stations, and gadgets, and technology, and internet, and cell phones, and computers, and laptops, and shoes, and food, and…heck everything except OS!

  5. I never said it will be useless, just pointless 🙂 (it will give who ever uses it a false feeling of security)

    “grow up… stop being a linux fanboy and see things from microsoft users side which you used to be one…”

    the key word we’re looking for here is “USED”, as in previously and not any more.

    btw, ditch M$ and use linux (i cant get tired of typing this)

  6. useless == pointless

    and it doesn’t give a false feeling of security… don’t forget that if linux was more targeted than windows in such way things will be totally the opposite…

    as in, if linux was more targeted than windows, people\companies will develop anti-malwares for linux… same thing, different names and OSes…

    and because you used to use it, you should know how such step would impact the windows development industry

  7. yeah yeah bla bla bla

    useless := incapable of functioning usefully
    pointless := serving no useful purpose; having no excuse for being;

    not the same, it has a use: to make win users fell secured (even though they are not)

    and for the 2nd time, Linux can by effected by rootkits, but it is unlikely, and that’s because:
    A- opensource: thousands of developers and programmers are accessing and examining kernel code on a dryly bases, including professional companies such a sun. so the chances of finding a buffer overflow bug or any other type of logical error would be much much higher then closed source oss, namely M$-WINDOWS and mac osx (even though part of it’s kernel is BSD).
    also, the security model implemented in most popular linux distros make it more difficult, not mentioning SE LINUX (never used it, tooo restricting)

    i am not saying that linux is the golden answer, i’m just saying it’s better then it’s competitors

    PS: this argument could drag on for awhile… but it’s outcome is inevitable: LINUX RULES

  8. ummm… thats why we’re not supposed to discuss anything related to linux here…

    its a windows issue… every non-windows commenter should comment on this post in a windows-user view not a linux-user view… -_-;

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