Windows 7 Pro… Online vs Carrefour…

Here in Kuwait, we got a general idea of “Ordering online + shipment < Buying it locally” which is one of the many reasons people usually resort to piracy (YARN!!)

Well, in Windows 7 case, it’s totally different (I was SHOCKED!!)


The Full version of Windows 7 Pro in Carrefour in costs ~65KD ($227.464), while ordering it ONLINE costs $299.99 (~86KD).

I want someone else to confirm it… I think my eyes are deceiving me…

19 thoughts on “Windows 7 Pro… Online vs Carrefour…

  1. Yes, to get it from Kuwait is cheaper than online. I was at Geant (360 Mall) this week, and managed to take picture of the prices I could send it to you. Prices (KWD) were:
    Home Premium 41
    Professional 65
    Ultimate 75

  2. I KNEW IT! I guess I’m going to go along with Pro. Ultimate is great and all but Pro seems to have most of the relevant stuff that an average comp user would need.

  3. @Fencer /agree
    and yeah nub. some stuff you can, surprisingly, find cheaper in Kuwait.. it’s crazy and there is no definite reason for it.. but it happens..

  4. just download it people, or get Linux for superior experience, unless you play PC for its games.

  5. weeee3 shno hatha alnas et6awer wa entaw lel7en windows , ro7 shof al linux ow almac wa shof alta6awer mo tshof microZift 😛

  6. Fencer Darkwind:
    I would prefer buying it originally… Saves headache

    This is so tasty 😛

  7. I’m sorry…. But I am literally bursting out of laughter. KAAAAAaaaK!!!! The pic is priceless HaMaDo. Thank you for sharing. XD

    OH Loolykins… I would love to hear your response to this. Toooookfaaaa! Hehehehe.

  8. HaMaDo:
    O leesh matesta5dem your “MAC” or “Linux”?
    Oh neseet… Ya ma3endik ya mum5aleenik bedawam welly nred 3ala neq6a muhemma: LEL7EENIK TESTA5DEM WINDOWS!! Swa2 r’6eet walla enra’6eet 😛

    Gabel la tet7acha 3an el BSOD ya bu “ta6awur”, e3rif leesh y9eer BSOD… Read this to be educated

    You mean something like these:×375.jpg

    And my favorite, THIS:

  9. Did I ever say “Windows” doesn’t crash? No… I didn’t… Same goes for Mac, Linux, BSD, BeOS, RISCOS and even PS3…

    Your idiotic ignorance is showing nothing but the fact that you know NOTHING behind the REASON for a SYSTEM to CRASH and PANIC…

    This post isn’t about “Who blows and who rocks”, it’s about “Windows 7 pricing”… If you’re not going to discuss the pricing here, open up my blog, read up more, find the right posts (Yes, I wrote ALOT of Mac bashing posts as too) and discuss your idiotic ignorant point of view there and I promise you I’ll try to go easy on you…

    You should read ALOT more about BSOD, KERNEL PANIC and why they occur… Or better yet get entry-level computer education… Not all “Linuxers” are “Computer Wizards”… And using a MAC doesn’t make you any geekier\cooler…

  10. Loolykins, awesome video respond and 2nd post too. I couldn’t have said it any better.

    @HaMaDo – You got a LOT of reading to do buddy. For the record you need to know this, are you ready? THERE IS NO PERFECT OPERATING SYSTEM. This is not coming from me but from mac, linux, windows or any OS developer that is out there will tell you that. Don’t take my word for it go ahead and ask.

    One of the common and ignorant action that people take when they get the BSOD is that they AUTOMATICALLY without even thinking is blame it directly on Microsoft. This is wrong because one of the main reasons people do get that is because of 3rd party software companies who did not write the code properly or didn’t even bother in testing out the product in the first place before shipping it out to retail stores.

    Back to the main topic of this post —-

    So far I’ve been to carrfour and eurka both have similar price tags. Has anybody checked out the Hawally retail stores? Cause I know for sure you can haggle for the price over there (except for fake Best Buy).

  11. i recently got windows 7 ultimate from the Microsoft retailer at the Wala’ Complex at Bin khaldon. The cost was….

    DUN DUN DUN! 57 KDs!

    the difference, apperently, lies in the fact that these copies differ by containing either both 32 and 64 bit versions of windows or one of them alone.

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