I think I’ll be obsessed about my new WIKITIONARY…

So far, we have three categories:

People wouldn’t be worked on right now (SIGTERMer added himself there, I’ll edit that page later on 😛 … Better prepare yourself for whatever I’m writing there 😛 )… So right now, I’m working on Definitions and Jokes (Definitions more)…

I’ll be honored if anyone wants to add something…

Click here to check the WIKITIONARY PAGE… I still didn’t get the hang of it so expect weird stuff and mistakes to appear

4 thoughts on “WIKITIONARYING…

  1. Dude! this is so AWESOME!
    your definitions are cool
    but the fact that you compared a seal to the bu taf5a is Mean and not funny i mean dude! those bu taf5a people are no seals! they ARE ALIENWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The seal thing is nothing but an attempt to discover the origin of this concept… 😛

  3. Dammit! why this Login ..well atleast my lameness due to boredom helped your wiktionary 😛
    Plus dude its Wiktionary …No ‘I’ after the k 🙂

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