Why Indian movies SUCKS!!

Well… I was with my friend Bader in Hawalli talking and all. Then he mentioned two words: Indian and Movies.

I remembered there was some insane Indian movies stunts so I wanted to show him how they suck big time.

So I opened youtube and started to search for Indian stunts and all. Then I saw this movie which actually explains and discusses Indian movies. I hope you enjoy it. CLICK HERE

15 thoughts on “Why Indian movies SUCKS!!

  1. dude, that totally ironed out how awesome they are .. its like a B movie, in a different language, with over-the-top of action.. nothing better for laughs in the diwaniya >.>
    (and you can totally ad-lib it when your bored <.<)

  2. its better not to have a movie industry rather than having a stupid one…

    beside we had one movie “Bas Ya Bahar” which was great’n’classic

  3. Yeah! Right! “one movie”

    they make like one movie every day! and even if 90% of them are stupid, 10% remains the best made in the world. and when you find out the number of people who are directly and indirectly employed! ohh brother thats a lot.

  4. Umm… Would you really consider %90 stupid to %10 awesome a good film industry?

    If you’re talking about industry, we made one movie and it was a big success… so basically its %100 =P

    It’s the Quality not the Quantity… Y’know, I could make a movie every 5 minutes and I’m sure it’ll suck big time… Does that mean I’m growing a good film industry?

    I can’t deny their dancing ability… They dance like a Jello with PS3 Dual Shock controller under high vibration… Or whatever vibrates more…

  5. lets not take my numbers blindly. but we can’t compare their industry with others. how many languages damn they got and all of them have a separate film industry too. Last summer when I went to denmark, the taxi driver was listening to hindie music. in poland, hindie films are big time hit.

    any how they are far more realistic than utter nonsense english movies. huh!

  6. I bet Denmark people didn’t listen to Khalid Al-Mulla or Yousef Al-Mutrif =P… A flying joke I don’t like both of’em…

    But seriously… A heart likes what it likes… You had the chance to be with a Denmark driver who likes Indian music, others had the chance to be with Indian driver who likes Arabic or English music…

    And when you compare about being realistic, choose realistic english movies… I mean c’mon, even Indian movies got ridiculously fighting and stunt movies and we all know that… So does English ones… But the amount differs… The ratio is like ( English 1:17537162543176235 Indian ) weird and stupid stunt in movies… Ofcourse the number isn’t right but it shows a point here…

  7. young brother, so, the bottom line is no one is inferior than us. everything is right and wrong according to the situations. lets not generalize.

    ???? ?????. ??????? ????

  8. Atleast you could’ve capitalized it… Well yea you’re right in a way or another… Indian movies got some great ones I’m sure of that because I witnessed one or two… Yet they got amazingly ridiculous movies as well… Same goes to American movies as well…

    You gave me a pleasing exhausting time dude… Don’t you get tired or something? =P

  9. may be I am becoming more indien. I can’t forget my dad’s indiane office administrator who risked his life to save my sisters and mother. and he saved all our business and valuables without cheating us. his brother got admission for my cousin in an indian university and looked after him so well. may be its all presonal, but I get emotional when someone makes fun of them not for the real fun sake

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