Why don’t we hire such fun teachers: Physics instructor rides a Unicycle with a student on his shoulders juggling balls explaining some physics

If we have a teach or two that can provide such educational entertainment to class, I’m quite sure no one would want to skip classes (Or maybe fail just to re-take the class again xD)

Don’t get me wrong, we have some entertaining and easy-going teachers here which would’ve made students love their classes… But y’know, principles and authorities don’t like giving them a slack and loves to add misery to students lives with abusive, stupid and annoying teachers xD

I mean, we still have a great great teacher called “حمزة الخياط” who actually taught me Arabic for 4 years. A teacher who made me love the Arabic language when I was an innocent kid (Which got ruined by those idiotic retarded Syrian and Egyptian teachers who made me hate the language’s guts!).


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