Whispers of Sin

Whispers of Sin is a short movie created by youth students of GUST.

Synopsis of the movie:

The film talks about a youth who was raised by his father after the death of his mother. During his journey in life, he faces many obstacles that make him feel emotionally and socially disordered. Thus, he starts to act and commit unbalanced actions that would eventually lead to the corruption of his life.

The movie is showing at GUST(Gulf University for Science and Technology).

Today is the last showing which will be at 6 pm, tickets are priced 3 kd and are available at the entrance inside GUST. All are invited!

For more information or reservation please call:

Sorry for such a late notice

3 thoughts on “Whispers of Sin

  1. Oh my god!!! The trailer looks really good! Ma sha allah!! I love it when Kuwaiti youth go for creative works. When will this movie come out on DVD?! Please let me know. Thanks.

  2. Hmmmm am not really sure if this is going to be released in DVD I’ll make sure to ask the producer!

  3. Doesn’t look that good actually, it seemed like a Kuwaiti musalsal turned into a movie >_>

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