When geeks go cute: ROBOTIC CHICK!!!

As the topic says… Robotic Chick…

So you thought it’d be something like a Cyborg Geeky Girl? Robotic Anime Maid?… Well it’s not… It’s a chick =P

ThinkGeek are selling this cute little Robotic Chick thats makes me wanna order one to annoy my sister (she’s afraid of birds)…

It’s made considering the Three Laws of Robotics:

1.   A robotic animal must not allow a human to think it is not cute, or, by inaction, cause a human to think it anything but adorable.
2.   A robotic animal must obey any human’s orders, as long as those orders do not conflict with the first law.
3.   A robotic animal must not roll down the window shout out the surprise endings of movies while driving past a theater line.


*   Furry.
*   8cm x 6cm.
*   Works on 3 x watch batteries (included).
*   Comes shipped with its own nest.
*   Cheeps, chirps and flaps its wings when petted.

Click here for more details…

3 thoughts on “When geeks go cute: ROBOTIC CHICK!!!

  1. AWESOME ! i want this so bad…those 3 laws are so retarded…
    and well it can be a real nuisance but it would still look cute XD

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